17. Leipziger Hörspielsommer im Richard-Wagner-Hain Leipzig

Terms and conditions Short Audio Drama Competition

Formal terms:

  • the piece has a maximum length of 3 minutes,
  • the piece is spoken in German, English, Russian or French – other languages may be accepted as long as they are not essential for the understanding of the plot,
  • the piece has to be transmitted in MP3 format (min. 192kbit),
  • the piece is transmitted as a single track,
  • the piece is not older than two years and has not been entered for any other competition of the Leipziger Hörspielsommer
  • entry deadline is February 1.
  • You have to use our web form for the transmission at hoerspielsommer-verein.de/english-version/short_competition

The competition of Hörspielsommer e. V. aims at all makers of audio dramas. No matter if you’re a professional, an amateur or a complete newbie, we’re looking forward to your entries!

The participants agree to the storage and usage of their data for the purpose of conducting the competition. Beyond that the data will not be handed to any third party. The participants agree to a storage of their mail addresses in order to send them further information about events and competitions of the Hörspielsommer e. V. in the future. This consent can be revoked at any time.

In preparation and follow-up of the competition Hörspielsommer e. V. is authorized to present extracts of the audio drama and the teaser in various media and the internet as well as to present the audio drama in full length if chosen during preselection.

The participants declare that by entering the audio drama into the competition the rights of third parties are not impinged. The Hörspielsommer e. V. has to be kept free of third party claims. All participants have to obtain copyright permission for text and music before entering the competition.  Those music pieces, for which GEMA fees have to be paid, should be listed precisely. This also applies when not the music piece played in the entry is listed at GEMA itself, but owned by a registered member of GEMA. Pieces with no GEMA fees should be given preference, if possible.

If the sent in audio drama is preselected during the competition for presentation to the jury, the participants agree that their audio drama will be published by Hörspielsommer e. V. on a CD or via download code. All rights stay with the authors and producers of the audio drama.

All specifications were made to the best of the participant’s knowledge. The terms and conditions were fully read and understood. The procedure of the competition has been understood and all questions have been clarified with Hörspielsommer e. V. in advance. The jury’s decision is final and there is no legal recourse.